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Bonjour! Bienvenue! 


The cafe setting is such a fun place for kids to act at being a waitress, a Maitre d' or a chef. My little girls love to draw fancy menus and they even put on music and charge a fee for the added entertainment - and sometimes they just like to huddle up in their own special space and read books.


Kid's imaginations are so creative; so who knows what ideas yours may come up with!

Shipping within US is $39

Inside, two pop-out cardboard units serve as either shelves or a stack of trays, (depending on which way up they are inserted into the door post).


Now, listen in or watch while your little dramatists' creative minds go to work. Perhaps they could make their own 'Le Monde' newspapers for the table, or create their own Croque Monsieur and cookies out of cardboard and pens, or stick works of art to the interior walls? The possibilities are endless!  Bon Appetit!

From the outside, this little cafe has a traditional French feel to it. Imagine Monsieur Blanchard has just propped his velo against the wall and headed in for his daily cafe noir. Madame Pompadour has popped in for some croissants and left her dog, Fifi, waiting outside for a few moments. Le Menu chalkboard is ready for today's specials and the open/closed sign has been slid across to read open, or "ouvrir".


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