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Daughters of all ages just love to play with mom's make-up. So, we decided to tempt them away from your dressing table (and favorite lipstick), and give them a special space of their own - the retro-inspired Beauty Parlor and Spa.


As with all our designs, this play house is made entirely from cardboard. It's 3 sides fold out and flip-up to form a Velcro attached enclosed space with roof. The mint green exterior has vintage-feel color stickers that harken back to the kind of salon our mothers would have frequented, and we wish were still in existence. One side depicts a window view with stand-up hair dryer and chair and the other side, a glamorous ‘Pamper’ poster pasted under the striped awning that shades the window.





This is the kind of toy that every family member can enjoy. Really, who doesn’t like a bit of pampering? Younger girls can makeover their dolls and older girls can use their resourcefulness by adding stacks of towels, a bowl of fruit, cucumber water and making appointment books.  


Inside we have more shelves for products.


We have also added a 'Styled By’ plaque for whomever that day's stylist is and a scalloped mirror and a tri-fold ‘spa menu’ with such treatments as 'Foot Massage'and Princess Curls and extra spaces for kids to dream up their own treatments and pricing.





Shipping within US is $35.